‘SNL’: Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Returns to to Mock Ted Cruz, Donald Trump (Video)

Sanctimonious character asks Cruz: “Was it part of God’s plan for you to get humiliated by an orange mannequin?”

The Church Lady returned to “Saturday Night Live” this week, just in time to shake her pious head at the Republican presidential primary.

Former “SNL” cast member Dana Carvey, whose sanctimonious Church Lady was a fixture on the show from 1986 to 1990, returned Saturday night to ridicule Ted Cruz, played by current cast member Taran Killam.

“Was it part of God’s plan for you to get humiliated by an orange mannequin?,” Church Lady asked Cruz, referring to his loss to Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primaries.

“Has anyone ever told you that you were just a liiitle preachy?” she added, dissing Cruz for his “happy, superior face, because we love Jesus more than everybody.”

The targets extended beyond politics to include pop culture. Of Beyonce’s recent media blitz for her album “Lemonade,” thought to be about her troubled marriage to rapper Jay-Z, Church Lady called it “freshly squeezed, just like Jay-Z’s naughty parts.”

Of Beyonce’s form-fitting gown for the Met Gala, Church Lady remarked that it resembled a “giant latex condom.”

The host of “SNL” was “Room” star Brie Larson.