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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Addresses Palin Boo-ing Incident

Previously unaired footage shown in an attempt to prove that the crowd was boo-ing the judges, not Sarah Palin

The producers and hosts of "Dancing With the Stars" are going to great lengths to ensure that an appearance on the show didn't cause controversy for their guest Sarah Palin. They played raw footage on Tuesday night's episode to throw cold water on rumors Palin was boo-ed by the show's audience.  

During Monday's episode of "Dancing With the Stars," the crowd was overheard heard boo-ing off-screen after Palin's daughter, Bristol, received her score. This led to speculation that Palin was on the receiving end of the jeers. On Tuesday, "Dancing With the Stars" aired raw footage that showed the boos were directed at the judges who didn't give Bristol a perfect score.

Host Brooke Burke introduced the footage during a backstage interview with Bristol and her dance partner Mark Ballas. 

"Now, the press reported that they were boo-ing for Sarah Palin so we've got a clip that I want to show you that was never intended to air so it's raw and unedited, but I think it's going to show us what actually happened," Burke said. 

Based on the clip, the audience appeared to be upset that the judges only gave Bristol a score of eight. They seemed to cheer when Palin was introduced as a "guest ballroom commentator."

"Just put the final nail in the coffin of 'Boo-Gate,'" said "Dancing With the Stars" host Tom Bergeron after the footage was shown.