‘Yes! Movement’ Takes Over Twitter After Daniel Bryan Is Cleared for WWE Action

Tonight’s “SmackDown Live” is gonna be a party

Daniel Bryan
WWE's Daniel Bryan

Did you hear the news? Four-time World Champion and “SmackDown Live” general manager Daniel Bryan was medically cleared to return to the ring Tuesday — meaning he is eligible to compete at WrestleMania 34 next month. Can we get a “YES!” for our “Yes! Movement” leader, here? Oh, there’s already about a million of them …

Following WWE’s announcement that Bryan was coming back after two years out of the ring, fans quickly took to Twitter to push his name to the top of the trend chart as they chanted their enthusiasm over his return.

“Daniel Bryan’s got me Daniel Cryan,” one user wrote.

“Daniel Bryan being cleared by WWE is the biggest wrestling story of the year,” another tweeted. “This man’s career would make a remarkable movie. I may need to turn on the notsam studio. Facebook Live or YouTube???”

Of course, there were also GIFs a plenty and one fan even declared March 20 a “national wrestling holiday.”

Bryan was forced to retire in February 2016 after suffering multiple concussions and post-concussive seizures. However, WWE says they gave him the all-clear to get back in the game after he was checked out by both their medical director and underwent independent neurological and physical evaluations.

Bryan is currently holding court as general manager for SmackDown, which, coincidentally, airs tonight and is sure to be more LIVE-ly than ever.

Here are some of our favorite tweets: