Daniel Radcliffe Gets Drenched by Jimmy Fallon in ‘Water War’ (Video)

The “Harry Potter” star learns that card games are a lot harder than quidditch

California is experiencing its worst drought in decades — but fortunately “The Tonight Show” now films in New York City, so Jimmy Fallon can afford to waste H20.

Daniel Radcliffe was the late-night host’s latest victim on Tuesday for a game called “Water War,” which is based on the card game “War” but if you lose a round you get a glass of water thrown in your face.

“People can play this at home, it’s a very fun game for the family to gather around Thanksgiving,” Fallon claimed.

Each contestant starts out with five glasses of water — and when the winner has completely drenched his opponent, he then gets to blast him with a water cannon.

“There are lots of different ways to get wet, but only one way to win,” Fallon said.

The “Harry Potter” star got rambunctiously into the soggy challenge and politely said “I’m sorry,” before emptying a whole pitcher over Fallon’s head in a knockout round.

The British actor even kept laughing after Fallon poured a glass of water onto his crotch, as Radcliffe admitted: “I am going to a premiere after this and I don’t think I brought spare underwear.”

Unfortunately for the former Harry Potter star’s red-carpet attire, Fallon made a surprise comeback from behind and Radcliffe got a proper blasting with the big gun.

Radcliffe stars alongside James McAvoy in the upcoming Gothic drama “Victor Frankenstein,” which hits theaters on Nov. 25.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.