Daniel Tosh Said Something ‘Offensive,’ But Nobody Knows What

Twitter is confused about what the comedian said, but some users rush to his defense anyway

Comedian Daniel Tosh may be in hot water on social media again for saying something “offensive,” but no one seems to have any idea what he actually said.

On Friday morning, Tosh was trending on Twitter with people either up in arms about a remark the comedian made, defending him, or simply asking what he actually said.

Some people said his comment was about black people, many coming to his defense that “if you think Daniel Tosh is racist you clearly never watch his show cause he jokes about every race, even his own.”

“Apparently Daniel Tosh said something ‘offensive,’” tweeted another user. “In other news water continues to be wet.”

In any case, no one has any idea what’s going on, but the Twitter community is talking about it any way.

Read the tweets below. Also, if you know something about this that the rest of us don’t, please fill us in.