Swedish Journalist Kim Wall Died in ‘Accident,’ Submarine Inventor Now Claims

Police tell the BBC that Kim Wall was “buried” at sea

Last Updated: August 21, 2017 @ 5:56 AM

Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor charged in the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, said she died in an accident on his submarine and he “buried” her at sea, according to the BBC.

Citing Copenhagen police, the BBC reported that the search for Wall’s body is still ongoing. She was last seen on Aug. 10 and police told the BCC that Madsen said he left her body somewhere in Koge Bay, south of Copenhagen.

Madsen has been charged with negligent manslaughter and police believe he deliberately sank the submarine.

Wall has worked as a reporter for several outlets, including The New York Times and Vice. Madsen is a Danish inventor who crowdfunded the construction of the submarine, Nautilus, in 2008. When the submarine sank, Madsen initially blamed the incident on “a minor problem with a ballast tank” that “turned into a major issue.”

Madsen initially said that Wall had been on the submarine but disembarked the evening prior to the sinking. When asked why he did not respond to radio contact when the submarine went down, Madsen originally cited “technical problems.”

Last week, The Guardian reported that Madsen was taken into custody on preliminary manslaughter charges and would be held in detention for 24 days while investigations continue. It appears his story changed during that time.