Danny McBride, James Corden Perform Ridiculous Tribute to Michael Bolton, Kenny G (Video)

Duo redoes 1990 Grammy Awards on the “Late Late Show,” you’re welcome

James Corden Danny McBride
Danny McBride joins James Corden for a sketch on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Thursday, Sept. 1 (12:35 PM-1:37 AM ET/PT) On the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Miss the early ’90s? Nobody does. But James Corden and Danny McBride brought back some of the decade’s best music Thursday on “The Late Late Show” anyway.

Redoing the 1990 Grammy Awards, the CBS (very) late-night host did his strongest Michael Bolton impression, which was pretty darn good. This just in: James Corden can blow.

The “Vice Principals” star executed Kenny G’s part on the clarinet, which was not nearly as impressive. Still, “Kenny” was quite encouraging to his duet partner, so that was cool.

In the end, they got a standing ovation from the likes of Michael Jackson, LL Cool J and Christie Brinkley. We concur.

Watch the video above. The nostalgia-inducing crowd shots alone are worth the time investment.

McBride’s “Vice Principals” is currently airing on HBO. If readers aren’t watching it, they’re missing a damn funny show.