Danny Pudi’s Hilarious ‘DuckTales’ Larry King Shut-Down Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer (Video)

In interview from February, King appears to think the “Community” and “DuckTales” star is mega-rich

One thing we should all be thankful for this holiday season is TikTok, more specifically TikTok user @Opposumfanpage. Because this week, that person resurfaced an absolutely hilarious interview from February in which comedian and actor Danny Pudi delivered what might be the best phrase of 2020 during a clearly exasperating interview with Larry King.

Back in February, Pudi appeared as a guest on King’s YouTube interview series. During King’s “If You Only Knew” he asked Pudi a series of personal questions designed to provoke funny or interesting answers. All good so far, but then the conversation moved to the question of “a luxury you can’t live without.”

Pudi’s first response was “Coffee. I really like good coffee.”

“That’s not a luxury,” King replied. “You can get it anywhere.”

Pudi agreed and then changed his answer to “I like nice socks.”

King was baffled by this answer and kept pressing Pudi on it. Eventually this provoked a slightly exasperated Pudi to flat out ask: “Alright, give me a luxury. Which luxury should I have?”

“Private plane,” replied King.

“Larry, I’m on ‘DuckTales,’ and ‘Mythic Quest,’” Pudi replied, with an absolutely incredulous look on his face. “There’s no private planes for me.”

Now seen in context, it was a light-hearted moment, and both of them chuckled throughout. But skip ahead to December, when @Opposumfanpage shared the clip as her favorite talk show moment of all time. Soon after her video was imported over to Twitter where the reaction was, basically, universal praise for Pudi, and his just-under-the-wire gift of what might be the catch phrase of 2020.

The main consensus is that “Larry, I’m on ‘DuckTales’” is a glorious evolution of the expression “sir, this is a Wendy’s” used to tell weird cranks to stop being weird cranks. Some examples:

That wasn’t all of course. Plenty of people just loved the phrase period.


Watch the whole interview above. “Larry I’m on ‘DuckTales’” starts at around 3 minutes, 44 seconds.


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