‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Dubbed by ‘Pee-wee Herman’: Even Funnier Than You Think (Video)

Jimmy Fallon pulls off an uncanny Pee-wee Herman impression to bring some humor to the superhero flick

Hey, remember when "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer was re-created with sausages?

Yeah, well forget that — this is way funnier.

America's funnyman, Pee-wee Herman — well, Jimmy Fallon masquerading as Pee-wee — has made the upcoming Batman blockbuster about 1,000 times more hilarious by dubbing in the dialog for one of the trailers for "The Dark Knight Rises."

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Fallon pulled off his uncanny impression during Wednesday's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," and it might not actually be Herman doing the voice-over, but it'll give you a chuckle nonetheless. Well played, Mr. Fallon.

The movie's villain Bane might have baffled fans with his muffled voice the first time he appeared in a "Dark Knight Rises" trailer, but he'll have them doubled over with laughter this time around.

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Revel in the hilarity below.