‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer … as Performed by Sausages (Video)

Christopher Nolan's superhero epic-to-be "The Dark Knight Rises" finds a link to Internet humor

"The Dark Knight Rises" just got a frank re-imagining.

While the Christopher Nolan-directed superhero flick won't be hitting the big screen until July 20, the Internet jokesters at Sausage Party have re-created the trailer for the film in — what else? — sausage form.

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Yes, this is really a thing that is actually happening.

The best part about this amusing little take on the big-budget Batman film? The sausage version of Bane is actually easier to understand than Tom Hardy is in the original trailer.

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Link up with Sausage Party's new creation in the video below. Do they have a wiener on their hands … or do you think it's the wurst? Share your thoughts in the comments section.