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Republican Congressman Darrell Issa Retreats to Rooftop, Accused of Hiding From Protesters

Issa’s Democratic opponent tweets photo of California representative

An interesting picture of California Republican representative Darrell Issa is circulating on Twitter. On Tuesday morning, Issa’s Democratic opponent, Mike Levin, shared a photo of Issa hanging out on the roof of his office. In the post, Levin accuses Issa of hiding from protesters.

In classic “Dawn of the Dead” style, Issa appears to retreat to the rooftop refuge as if he’s hiding from zombies. Levin mentioned in a separate tweet that Issa emerged for five minutes to chat with the “several hundred” protesters but “refused to engage with those across the street.”

Although Issa does appear to be hiding, no one is really sure what is going on here. Politico’s Jake Sherman noted the phone in Issa’s hand, positioned as if he were filming the crowd below. According to The Week, it is unclear if Issa took to the roof before or after engaging with constituents.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, Issa has had numerous encounters with protesters. The Republican congressman has voted in favor of several of Trump’s policies. His recent vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act prompted protesters to swarm his California office.