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WrapPRO’s DataBank is a collection of key statistics about the exploding streaming video industry. Use it as a resource to discover stats and information relating to digital video with tags, links, and references.

Whether you’re creating a report on the growing trend of OTT or trying to figure out which social media platform will maximize your brands reach, WrapPRO’s DataBank has you covered. From stats on YouTube’s demographic to information on what techniques can increase your video’s effectiveness — it’s all in one spot.

Sources Include: Oath, Brightcove, eMarketer, and more

How to Use The DataBank

The “DataBank” tab displays various key stats and information related to the streaming video industry. The DataBank lists key data points, sources, categories, and links to data sources. Select an item, then click to view all information related to that record in a pop-up. You can continue clicking any related information until you find the data you are looking for.

Search Tips

1) Click the “Categories” tab to search for information by a specific topic (e.g. AVOD, SVOD, OTT, Mobile Video).

2) Click the “Sources” tab to search for information by source (e.g. Pew Data, Conviva, ComScore).

3) Use Filter, Group, and Sort features to help you find what you’re looking for.

4) Search for topics by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right.

5) Each tab can be viewed in either the traditional “Grid View” or “Gallery” by selecting a view in the upper left (below the Instructions tab).

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