David Axelrod Shaves Off 40-Year-Old Mustache on ‘Morning Joe; Watch the Carnage

President Obama's top strategist David Axelrod submitted to the razor on "Morning Joe"

David Axelrod said goodbye to his mustache of 40 years on "Morning Joe" Friday morning.

President Obama's top strategist submitted to the razor after losing a bet to the MSNBC morning show's co-host Joe Scarborough.

The parameters of their wager changed somewhat after Obama was re-elected last November, although the facial hair stakes remained high. Axelrod originally bet that he would do away with his 'stache if Obama failed to win Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania in the presidential election.

After he prevailed in those states, the presidential confidant said he would say goodbye to his crumb-catcher if Scarborough raised over $1 million toward epilepsy research — a charitable feat the MSNBC host pulled off.

Axelrod's daughter suffers from epilepsy, and he has been devoted to raising money for research and treatment into the disease.

On Friday morning, as Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski looked on, Axelrod joked he'd been up half the night talking to his 'stache.

Asked how he felt shortly before the shaving cream was administered, Axelrod said, "Faint … I've got Mika standing over me with a straight razor."