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Watch David Blaine and His ‘Magical Assistant’ Frog Read (and Blow) Jimmy Fallon’s Mind (Video)

”WHAT IS GOING ON? You have to stop doing that, man!“

When you invite David Blaine onto your late-night show, you should be fully prepared to have your mind blown by a few closeup magic tricks. And to be fair to Jimmy Fallon, he was clearly totally ready for that on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” — he just wasn’t equipped to see them be performed with the help of a frog inside Blaine’s mouth.

After David read Jimmy’s mind a few times by spitting out whatever card the late-night host was thinking of during their Zoom interview last night, the magician decided to reveal exactly how he was pulling this trick off.

“But Jimmy, when you think of cards, like any card you think of, I would be able to produce. Doesn’t make a difference. Any card that you would choose… You want me to tell you how?”

Fallon looked nervous as Blaine began to slowly explain: “The reason I can spit your card out of my mouth is because I have a secret assistant. You might remember him. He’s grown a bit since the last time you saw him.”

Jimmy started to *really* panic when it looked like Blaine was pushing some sort of creature out of his mouth: “It’s not a frog. Please, no, my god. Please don’t do this. No it’s not. You’re not doing this.”

Oh, look, it *was* a frog.

“This is my magical assistant,” Blaine said, after spitting the amphibian into his hand, which prompted Fallon to storm away from his “Tonight Show” desk shouting, “WHAT IS GOING ON? You have to stop doing that man!”

“Oh, my gosh. And he hands you different cards. He’s a very good– oh my gosh, David he’s growing! He’s getting bigger!” Fallon said.

OK, things calmed down enough for Blaine to start explaining his upcoming “Ascension” stunt, which will be streamed on YouTube on Aug. 31, “weather permitting” — but then he had to pause to spit out a SECOND frog.

“Sorry, there was another one.”

Watch the full interview via the video above.