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David Blaine Swallows Needles, Eats Glass and Makes James Corden Punch a Hole in His Cheek (Video)

”James push!“ magician tells ”Late Late Show“ host

If you are squeamish run — don’t walk — away from your computer right now and never return.

“Late Late Show” host James Corden brought David Blaine, “the greatest magician on earth,” by Wednesday night to do what Blaine does best: super freaky illusions.

And while it’s painfully clear Corden is a huge fan of Blaine’s tricks, he didn’t exactly jump at the chance to stick a needle through his cheek. And we mean Blaine’s cheek, as Corden was confused about that himself first, but still super nervous to punch a hole in anyone’s mouth.

“I brought with me a needle and thread,” Blaine tells the host, before making him pick out a “sharp” one and getting it all the way through his cheek. “James push!” he shouts at the freaked out host who responds, “Shut up!”

Once it’s in there, Blaine pops another needle in his mouth and swallows it. He spends a while gagging while Corden and the audience gasp in awe until he exposes his tongue to reveal he got it all the way down. “Shut the front door!” Corden says.

Blaine doesn’t stop there, continuing to freak everyone out by chomping down some glass. Don’t even ask us what tricks he has left up his sleeve for the end of his current tour. What’s something else that’s sharp he can swallow? Nevermind, don’t answer that.

Watch the clip above.