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David Bowie Approved His ‘Twin Peaks’ Cameos Before Passing

Not sure if he knew about the teapot though

Despite David Bowie’s death, fans learned that he did have a little input in how his character would be portrayed in “Twin Peaks: The Return” on Showtime.

Sabrina Sutherland, an executive producer on the revival, participated in a Reddit AMA Sunday evening, answering questions from fans about the new season.

One of these questions had to do with the late popstar and actor, who fans expected to appear in the third season when it was announced. However, Bowie died in Jan. 2016 before Lynch or Showtime could confirm his involvement (the new series was announced in 2014).

Sutherland revealed that despite the musician’s death, the show was at least able to get his seal of approval.

“Bowie did give us permission to use his clips in this season,” Sutherland responded when asked if Bowie knew how his character would be handled, although she didn’t reveal any more information.

Throughout “The Return,” Bowie’s character, Agent Phillip Jeffries, appears in flashbacks and in clips from “Fire Walk With Me,” when the character was introduced. Jeffries does appear in the present-day, but he looks a little different than usual. He’s basically a giant teapot who helps Agent Cooper travel through time.

It was additionally revealed by cast member Harry Goaz (who plays Deputy Andy Brennan) that Bowie wanted to make a cameo but it didn’t happen before his death.

Luckily for longtime viewers who have always been intrigued by Agent Jeffries’ journey, we did at least get some closure.

Other questions posed to Sutherland had to do with a hypothetical fourth season, which she can’t speak to.

“We are still delivering final elements of this season, so it’s still too early for me to even think about it,” she said.

She also wrote about how she felt about the finale, which some felt didn’t deliver on providing the proper answers.

“I love having to think,” Sutherland said. “I’d hate to have everything tied up in a nice bow. Somethings were answered, but it leaves enough of a mystery to let me imagine a lot of things. So, contrary to some, I love the finale!”