David Crosby Slams Fox News, Says ‘Rupert Murdoch Should Be Taken Out and Shot’

The singer asserts the network is “lying for money”

David Crosby
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David Crosby ranted in a recent interview that Fox News creator Rupert Murdoch needs to be “taken out and shot.”

“I know that there are a lot of really stupid people in the world and that many of them are in power and that the rest are being fed a whole shitload of absolutely untrue shit,” Crosby said, speaking to The Daily Beast in an interview published Tuesday. “Rupert Murdoch should be taken out and shot. The people on Fox are doing great harm to the human race. What can I say? They’re lying for money. So, it feels hopeless. Because they don’t mind lying. Lying for money is normal to them. It’s OK.”

Crosby also referred to President Donald Trump as an “evil” man whose actions have gone on to fracture the United States.

“He’s an evil bastard,” he said. “He’s done an enormous amount of harm. He ripped the scab off of the racism in this country so that people have to look at it, and maybe that’s actually a bad guy causing a good thing to happen,” he said. “Because it was there the whole time. There are plenty of people—not just in the South, mind you—who are racist, so it’s better that it’s out in the open so that we can try to deal with it, but that’s a good thing he did unintentionally while being evil.”

The singer added that he believed Trump would eventually pay for his misdeeds because “He and his cohorts were sloppy in their crimes. So, he will, probably. I don’t have confidence in the legal system, because it’s too easy to buy your way out of things, and I think that he believes that, too, and that he’s going to be OK. But the Southern District of New York, they know who he is.”

“Whether or not he can buy his way out, that’s a tough one to call.”

When asked about the state of the country since the election and the Jan. 6 insurrection, Crosby was uncharacteristically grim, stating that there’s a “fairly good chance that the United States of America will come unglued.”

“…I gotta tell you, man, I’m not sure we’re going to make it. Look at it this way: There’s about a third of the country that are actually too dumb to understand what a democracy is and how it works. There’s about another third that are not too stupid, but they’re misinformed, because they’re uneducated. Ignorant.”

He continued, alleging that the GOP has “downgraded and defunded the schools to have a more manipulable public,” saying that “40 percent of the country that reads books and can think and speak.”

However, Crosby conceded that things could change, provided activists take some notes from the conservative playbook.

“We can shift the entire balance of power in this country, but we have to look at how to do it,” he said. “We can fix it, but it will take an enormous amount of effort, and it might take us beating, scamming, and cheating, just like they right have, to somehow get our way into enough places of power to change the structure.”


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