David Letterman and Joan Rivers Reenact Her CNN Walkout (Video)

The talk show host did the walking out on his guest this time around

After storming off CNN’s set during an interview with Fredricka Whitfield, Joan Rivers was doubling down on her actions during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” In turn, the late night show host took the liberty to poke a little fun at his guest with a reenactment.

“Very judgmental, very nasty, very negative,” Rivers reiterated her opinion of Whitfield’s line of questioning as Letterman jumped right in questioning her on what happened. Never one to pass up an opportunity to get some laughs, the comedienne added, “It was like my wedding night.”

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Rivers also retold another borderline-offensive joke, Letterman dramatically flung off his jacket and walked off stage right. Ever the professional, Rivers continued the interview herself.

“How’s your sex life, you old bitch?” she starts, followed by sending the show to break on a quip about how dry her vagina is. It’s not hard to imagine how Whitfield was left so bewildered by Rivers’ assertion that her completely tame line of questioning was over the line.