David Letterman Comes Out of Retirement to Roast Donald Trump With Top 10 List (Video)

“During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name,” the former “Late Show” host jokes

Former “Late Show” host David Letterman took a break from retirement this weekend to roast Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“I was complacent, I was satisfied, I was content, and then a couple of days ago Donald Trump said he was running for president. I have made the biggest mistake of my life,” Letterman told a San Antonio crowd on Friday night. Comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short had introduced Letterman to the stage as a surprise guest.

He then revealed a Top Ten List of “interesting facts” about the real estate mogul.

Some of the facts were about Trump’s weight: “Donald Trump weighs 240 pounds — 250 with cologne”

His anti-Mexican comments:  “Donald Trump has pissed off so many Mexicans, he’s starring in a new movie entitled ‘No Amigos’”

And bedroom behavior:  “During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name”

Watch the full video above.