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David Letterman’s ‘Late Night’ Opening Sequence Gets Recreated by Seth Meyers (Video)

The current ”Late Show“ host made it perfectly clear that he ”knows that it’s Letterman’s show, and he’s just borrowing it“

Seth Meyers paid tribute to retiring late-night host David Letterman on Tuesday night by kicking off NBC’s “Late Night” with a shot-for-shot recreation of the opening sequence the show used in 1982 when Letterman launched it.

“And now a man who knows that it’s Letterman’s show, and he’s just borrowing it,” the announcer says at the end of the sequence before introducing Meyers.

Meyers’ nod to Letterman was one of many from other late-night comedians, including Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart.

“We went out to the same streets, the same buildings and reshot the opening. The thing we realized — the biggest difference between 1982 New York City and now, today New York City, so many fewer pornography theaters,” Meyers joked in his opening monologue. “It’s so sad because people still bring families here for vacation. I don’t know where they go anymore.”

Watch the video above, and then compare it to the original below.

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