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Original ‘Starsky & Hutch’ Star David Soul Wants in on Reboot With Co-Star Paul Michael Glaser

”Why not just reboot Paul and me?“ asked Soul after news that 20th Century is developing a new version of the classic ’70s series

David Soul, who played Detective Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson on the classic cop show “Starsky & Hutch” from 1975 to 1989, wants to be part of the reboot of the series that’s in the works at Fox. And he thinks his original partner, Starsky, played by Paul Michael Glaser should come along for the ride.

“Every article mentions the ‘original’ actors by name. So why not just reboot Paul and me — as a couple of old farts solving piddly-a— crimes at the assisted living facility where we would now live? Who can do Starsky and Hutch better than him and me?,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

The reboot he’s referencing is the one ordered by Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn, which, according to THR, would focus on two female detectives called Sasha Starsky and Nicole Hutchinson who solve crimes while trying to find out who framed their fathers for a crime they didn’t commit and sent them to prison.

No decisions would be made before the scripts come in, but it sounds like Soul and Glaser, who are both 79 now, could be written in as their original characters.

In 2018, Glaser said a reboot might work if it wasn’t trying to recreate the ’70s setting. “Starsky and Hutch,’ like most iconic shows, belongs to a time and a period and you won’t be able to recreate that time or period, so you’re left with realizing a chemistry between two people. And that’s of great value.”

“If they can find the right cast or figure out how to show it today, it can work well,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

The ABC series was adapted into a 2004 feature film starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. A different TV reboot from James Gunn, which was set up at Amazon in 2017, did not materialize.