David Spade Calls Out Animal-Petter Product in First Trailer for Fox’s ‘Snake Oil’ Game Show (Exclusive Video)

The series, which is executive produced by Will Arnett, hits the network in September and will follow “The Masked Singer”

“Just Shoot Me” star David Spade is calling out what’s fake and what’s real in an exclusive first trailer for Fox’s new game show, “Snake Oil.”

“More than 4 million animals go chronically un-petted by their owners,” said a voiceover for what appeared to be a real-life commercial for a pet-petter. “Give them the pets they deserve with Bruce’s Better Petter. It’s motion-activated with a full range of physical affection.”

The gag is, the product nor its commercial were authentic. 

“OK, this product isn’t real. It’s snake oil. However, this is very real,” host Spade said, cutting in. The video then switched to a shot of the “Snake Oil” set and its participants. 

The series is hosted by Spade and executive produced by actor, writer and producer Will Arnett, who currently hosts Fox’s” Lego Masters.”

For contestants, the object of the game is to guess which businesses are real and fake after viewing convincing pitches from entrepreneurs. They’ll receive help from guest celebrity advisers and have the chance to win over $200,000. 

“When Fox asked me to host their new show, I was flattered,” Spade said. “But then they told me it was about a shady snake oil salesman, and I was a little less flattered to be the guy that immediately comes to mind.”

“Snake Oil” is set to debut on Sept. 27 after the Season 10 premiere of “The Masked Singer.”