David Tennant’s Villainous Kilgrave to Return to Jessica Jones Season 2

This is despite being killed at the end of Season 1

Fans of “Jessica Jones” will see another familiar face when the show returns for Season 2. Netflix confirmed Monday that David Tennant, who played the menacing Kilgrave, is set to make an appearance.

Netflix confirmed that the actor, who recently lent his voice to the “DuckTales” reboot and is best known for playing heroes on screen rather than villains, will be returning in some form to the show in its second season. EW had an exclusive photo of him on the set with star Krysten Ritter, who plays the titular hero.

Kilgrave — a.k.a. the Purple Man — functioned as the first season’s main villain. He had the ability to bend anybody to his will using his words, which made him particularly formidable in a story that was about sexual abuse and mental illness.

This is an unexpected announcement though, since Kilgrave managed to get his neck snapped after Jones grew immune to his powers. Netflix wouldn’t comment on any of the role specifics, but most likely, we’ll be seeing Kilgrave in flashbacks, since it’s hard to function with a snapped neck, even if you do have superpowers. This isn’t out of place for the series, which focuses on Jones’ psyche and mental instability almost as much as it does on the superheroics. Season 1 featured many flashbacks as Jones worked out her muddy memory.

Of course, because it’s comics, we wouldn’t rule out resurrection either.

Details for Season 2 are being kept under wraps for now. Marvel and Netflix are gearing up for the Aug. 18 premiere of “The Defenders,” which will finally see Jones teaming up with Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist to save New York (we hope).

Rachael Taylor, who played Jones’ friend Patricia “Trish” Walker and Carrie-Anne Moss, who played attorney Jeri Hogarth, are set to reprise their roles. Some newcomers include “Power’s” J.R. Ramirez and “Twilight’s” Leah Gibson, who have been cast as series regulars.


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