Dead Bodies, Hazmat Suits … at Preschool

“NCIS: Los Angeles” production cheerily warns a local preschool that terrifying mayhem is coming to its gates

Last Updated: December 16, 2009 @ 3:25 PM
Only in L.A. could it seem perfectly reasonable that preschoolers on their way to class may have to maneuver around dead bodies, drawn guns and guys in hazmat suits.
Administrators at the South Pasadena preschool Celebration Kids — where I gratefully send two little ones — sent an email to parents warning of the terrifying mayhem that was to play out in front of its gates Wednesday, courtesy of the CBS show "NCIS: Los Angeles."
It reads, in part:
"Celebration Kids was informed that the TV show, ‘NCIS: LA’ will be filming across the street tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16 from 7 AM-7 PM.  I wanted to make sure to inform you as it will affect parking a bit on the street AND…as it says on my information sheet:
Activity:  Crime scene with interior and exterior dialogue, drive up/by/away, weapons brandished, dead bodies, emergency vehicles with flashing lights, hazmat team, camera/equipment on the sidewalk/curb lane/across the street and intermittent traffic/pedestrian control. …
"Cool right!? … I reminded the Location Manager that we are a PRESCHOOL, but I am not sure what can be seen when walking in/out … so please make sure that you help your child to not be scared and we will do the same throughout the day if sirens are heard."
It goes on to assure parents — many of whom are connected to the business, of course — that "No classrooms will be taking walks tomorrow, that’s for sure!"
No word on whether the kids will be allowed to meet Mr. Cool J.