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Dead Man’s Obituary: ‘In Lieu of Flowers, Please Do Not Vote For Donald Trump’

Jeffrey Cohen, a chiropractor from Pittsburgh who treated Liza Minelli and Weird Al, has an important dying wish

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, man who passed away last weekend just put the fun back in funeral.

Jeffrey Cohen’s obit published in the Pittsburgh Gazette started off with all the usual details: His life story, what he did for a living (a chiropractor who once treated “Weird Al” Yankovic), his life’s philosophy and even the fact that as a teen he worked at a ranch where he shoveled “more horse manure than you’ve ever seen.”

But then, Cohen, 65, did a 180 with this parting gem: “Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, Cohen opened a private practice in 1976 and spent decades as a chiropractor to the stars, reportedly treating Olympic gold medalists, members of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Pittsburgh Symphony, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Liza Minelli and Weird Al.

Aside for voting for other candidates over Trump, he also asked for donations to the Nimmo Educational Foundation, which conducts research on treating and explaining the mechanisms of chronic pain.

Believe it or not, Cohen is not the first to have mentioned Trump from beyond the grave. Earlier this month, Trump shared a Virginia man’s obituary, which urged people to vote for the business mogul.

See Trump’s tweet honoring Ernest “Ernie” Maynard Jr. and thanking him for his posthumous support below.