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‘Deadpool 2’ NSFW Teaser Introduces Josh Brolin’s Cable, Trolls Henry Cavill’s Mustache (Video)

Ryan Reynolds, meet your new nemesis

Fox just dropped a new profanity-laced “Deadpool 2” teaser trailer for all of the web to enjoy — with headphones, if you’re in public. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), meet Cable (Josh Brolin): You guys shall be nemeses.

In the two-minute, 10-second preview video, Deadpool kicks through the fourth wall to goof on Brolin’s green-sleeve arm, which still needs to be made metal in postproduction.

“What in the actual ass?” Reynolds-as-Wilson asks of an off-camera crew member. “Dale! Why are the visual effects not done? It’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache!”

Yeah, that’s a shot at this “Justice League” reshoot issue over Henry Cavill’s facial hair as Clark Kent/Superman.

Wilson’s alter ego then takes matters into his own gloved hands, recreating his epic battle with Cable via toys. Oh, and Deadpool wears Woody’s outfit from “Toy Story” for the imaginary fight.

It’s all tone-perfect Deadpool. Watch the new teaser trailer above.

The “Deadpool” sequel opens in theaters on May 18.