‘Deadpool’ Confronts Colossus in New TV Spot (Video)

“Nobody’s getting hurt,” Deadpool promises the mutant

Marvel fans excited to see “Deadpool” next year are also pumped to see Colossus, who gets the most screen time yet in a new TV spot.

In a previous trailer, viewers caught a glimpse of the giant Russian mutant — known for super strength and a coat of organic steel that covers his skin — tossing Ryan Reynolds’ character into a car.

It turns out, they actually might know each other better than we first thought, as the new promo Colossus lecturing the sarcastic superhero about his antics.

“Nobody’s getting hurt,” Deadpool promises after slaughtering a small army of bad guys.

Colossus has appeared in several “X-Men” movies, including scenes in “Days of Future Past,” but the comic book character, played by Stefan Kapicic this time around, appears to have a much larger role in 20th Century Fox’s Feb. 12 release.

Watch the trailer above.