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Deadpool Comic Creator Says Movie Sequel Will Clobber Han Solo Movie at the Box Office

”But Disney is delusional and is opening ‘Han Solo’ a week before ‘Deadpool!'“

Perhaps “Han Solo” has more to worry about other than Jabba the Hutt — because if “Deadpool” comic book creator Rob Liefeld is to be believed, “Deadpool 2” will kick Han Solo’s ass at the box office in 2018.

Over the weekend at L.A. Comic Con, Liefeld took the stage for his own panel and issued a warning: “Disney is delusional and is opening ‘Han Solo’ a week before ‘Deadpool!’ And they are going to get their asses kicked!”

Liefeld added, “Seven days later; mark my word, skeptical man! [points to audience member] Mark my words: Han Solo, get the hell out of the summer, ’cause seven days later, an army of mercenaries is coming to send the Falcon into hyperspace! Disney I apologize in advance, but I’m telling the truth: Deadpool is going to kick your ass.”

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Your move Bob Iger.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” hits theaters on May 25, 2018.

A week later, “Deadpool 2” opens on June 1, 2018.