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Jimmy Kimmel Finds Plenty of Americans to Judge Presidential Debate – Before It Even Happens

”I liked her poise, she was very poiseful,“ one man says of Hillary Clinton

Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the streets for their thoughts on how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton performed during the presidential debate — hours before the candidates even took the stage.

As the ABC late-night host’s “Lie Witness News” segment usually proves, plenty of Americans were ready and willing to give an opinion on something they know nothing about.

When asked who won the debate, one pedestrian answered, “I think Hillary Clinton, she made a lot more valid points, but Donald Trump had valid points as well.”

When one man was asked if he liked Clinton’s poise, he responded, “I liked her poise, she was very poiseful.”

One girl decided that the peck on the lips between the two candidates (which of course didn’t happen) seemed fake. “It showed that there is peace between the two parties but it kinda was fake,” she said.

“Lind of like the entire debate, which didn’t happen,” added the interviewer.

But the girl just brushed over that tiny revelation and kept agreeing with the interviewer until the latter literally had to tell her the debate did not happen.

Watch the video above to see her reaction when confronted with the facts.