DeflateGate: Tom Brady’s Agent Accuses NFL, Indianapolis Colts of ‘Perpetrating a Sting Operation’

Don Yee calls Wells report a “significant and terrible disappointment”

Tom Brady's agent accuses NFL and Colts of launching sting operation against Patriots in response to damning Deflategate report
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It is a “sad day for the league,” Tom Brady‘s agent Don Yee said on Thursday, not even 24-hours removed from the somewhat-damning Wells report on the so-called “DeflateGate” NFL scandal surrounding his marquee client.

Yee had far harsher things to say in his lengthy retort, which is posted in its entirety below, courtesy of an NFL on ESPN tweet.

The Yee & Dubin LLC agent called the Ted Wells’ findings a “significant and terrible disappointment” early on in this morning’s statement, which was filled with fighting words. “Its omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a conclusion first, and then determined so-called facts later,” he continued.

“One item alone taints this entire report,” Yee said. “What does it say about the league office’s protocols and ethics when it allows one team to tip it off to an issue prior to a championship game, and no league officials or game officials notified the Patriots of the same issue prior to the game?

Yee’s most dramatic accusation, however, was this: “It may be more probable than not that the league cooperated with the Colts in perpetrating a sting operation.”

“This was not an independent investigation,” Yee concluded, also accusing the investigators of not understanding football, and of omitting Brady’s lengthy and helpful testimony.

The controversy stems from the 2014 AFC Championship game in which the Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots were accused of using balls that were not fully inflated during the important game, allowing for better, softer grip — an offensive advantage, for sure.

Read Yee’s full statement below: