Demi Lovato Unleashes on ‘Self-Proclaimed Feminists’ in Kesha Defense

“I’m ready for women to be taken just as seriously as men,” the singer said in Twitter empowerment plea

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Singer Demi Lovato urged women to empower themselves and be heard in an impassioned and powerful call for justice for sexual abuse victims on Sunday.

Her message was delivered in a series of tweets issued in reaction to a judge’s refusal to let pop star Kesha out of her recording contract with Sony despite her accusations of sexual assault and battery against producer Dr. Luke.

Lovato joined Lady Gaga, Lorde and Ariana Grande in voicing support for the singer, and called for the courts to #FreeKesha in the wake of Friday’s ruling.

“Someone tell me why anyone would come forward if they are most likely to be ignored or called a liar,” she asked, while noting it was a scenario “repeated way too often.

“I’m ready for women to be taken just as seriously as men,” she said, continuing later, “I’m also ready for self-proclaimed feminists to start speaking out or taking action for women’s rights.”

And then the “Cool for the Summer” singer made a pitch for female empowerment, which she defined as “speaking up for other women even when it’s something uncomfortable to speak up about.”

That was only the beginning for Lovato, who made clear that ready or not, she felt American culture needed to change and offered several ideas of how that can happen.

Here are the tweets: