Democratic Governors Again Take on Fox News

Fox gave an in-kind contribution to an Ohio candidate, the organization alleges

john kasichKeeping up its war with Fox News, the Democratic Governors Association on Thursday filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission accusing the network of making an illegal in-kind contribution to gubernatorial candidate John Kasich (R-Ohio), the Huffington Post reports.

The complaint's basic allegation is that Fox's decision to run a chyron featuring Kasich's website at the same time that the Republican Senate candidate was soliciting donations on Bill O'Reilly's show constitutes an in-kind contribution from the station to the candidate.

A Fox News spokesperson told the Huffington Post the network has not received any such complaint and therefore could not comment.

The Democratic group's battles with Fox are mutually beneficial, the Huffington Post notes. A fundraising drive launched after Fox parent News Corp. made a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association netted the Democrats a similar amount of donations.

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