Democrats, Assemble! Election 2020 Gets the ‘Avengers’ Meme It Deserves

Barack Obama as Black Panther and Trump as Thanos perfectly illustrate what’s going on

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We’re all still stuck in political and emotional limbo waiting for the 2020 presidential race to finally — FINALLY — be called. It’s a lot like someone just snapped 50% of all relaxed feelings on Earth out of existence, like Thanos did in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Yes, what we’re saying is that the 2020 election feels a lot like 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War.” And that means a lot of people out there are no doubt desperate for an… endgame where the good guys finally win a decisive victory and perform another snap to bring that other 50% of relaxed feelings back into existence.

We’ll leave it to you to determine for yourself who the good guys and bad guys are, but it probably won’t surprise you to discover that Joe Biden supporters think the Democrats are the heroes. Which brings us to the whole reason we had this convoluted discussion about politics and “The Avengers”: A seriously bizarre video some Biden supporter put together in which leading members of the Democratic party replace members of the World’s Mightiest Heroes in the climatic final battle of “Avengers: Endgame.”

The all star Democratic Avengers lineup features Joe Biden as Captain America, Barack Obama as the Black Panther, President Trump as ubervillian Thanos, Stacey Abrams as Okoye, Kamala Harris as Falcon, Bernie Sanders as Doctor Strange, Cory Booker as Drax, Elizabeth Warren as Mantis, Beto O’Rourke as Star Lord, Pete Buttigieg as Spider-Man, AOC as Captain Marvel, Ilhan Omar as Shuri, Nancy Pelosi as Wasp, Michelle Obama as Gamora, Ayanna Pressley as Rescue, and we think Hillary Clinton as Valkyrie.

Watch it below:

As of Friday afternoon, a winner for the presidency has not been called by most major outlets, but a Biden victory appears imminent as the Democratic candidate currently holds the lead in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

According to the Associated Press and Fox News, which have both projected a Biden victory in Arizona, Biden stands with 264 Electoral College votes while Trump trails with 214; other major news outlets currently have the vote count down at 253 for Biden and 213 for Trump.Early on Wednesday morning, Trump fraudulently claimed a victory — audio of which is featured in the Endgame clip — while on Thursday evening, Trump spewed a slew of lies and misinformation to baselessly claim he was being cheated in the election.


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