Petition Launches for Betty White to Introduce Obama at DNC

Democrats say Clint Eastwood's chair routine gave a bad name to older Americans and seek a Betty White palate cleanser

Social media users are petitioning to have Betty White introduce Barack Obama at next week's Democratic National Convention, arguing that the "Hot in Cleveland" star will be a palate cleanser for older Americans following Clint Eastwood's dadaist performance at last Thursday's Republican National Convention.

"Clint Eastwood, the Republican's 'mystery guest' at the RNC, gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney," the petition reads.

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"Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!" it adds.

Eastwood's bizarre, rambling address at the RNC became fodder for late night comics after he debated with an empty chair that he pretended was a stand-in for the Democratic president.

So far, the White petition on social networking site has drawn nearly 600 supporters.

White has publicly endorsed the president's re-election bid, telling the Associated Press that she likes "how he represents us." The prominent animal-rights supporter also told Larry King in an interview this summer, that she was taken with first puppy Bo during a visit to the White House this year.

This isn't the first time White has found herself at the center of a social media campaign. In 2010, online petitions to get the sitcom legend to host "Saturday Night Live" resulted in a well received stint on the popular late night program.