Dennis Rodman Jokes Land With a Thud at Comedy Central’s Bruce Willis Roast

“I’m f—ing drunk,” Rodman said after a joke about Martha Stewart bombed

Dennis Rodman Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Bruce Willis was in the center of the bull’s eye during “The Comedy Central Roast” Sunday night, but it was Dennis Rodman who took a lot of the hits and was ultimately KO’d.

Along with Willis’ ex-wife Demi Moore and former “Moonlighting” leading lady Cybill Shepherd, NBA superstar and Kim Jong Un pal Rodman took the podium to throw some good-natured jabs. But first, he wanted to respond to the sass sent in his direction.

Among those who had dissed Rodman were comedian Nikki Glaser, who said it was fun to meet someone with “whatever illness Roseanne has but in a giant black man,” and Martha Stewart, who said, “When I look at Dennis, I immediately think of the ‘N-word’: nuclear war.”

But it wasn’t until Rodman took the podium that things really went South for him. He began commenting on the jokes, only for a stage manager to appear from the wings to adjust the way-too-low mic, and ask Rodman to start over. Awk-ward.

Rodman told Stewart that the next time she is sent to prison she should call him because, “I will secure your release.” He was referencing the release of American detainees from North Korean because he was reported as helping with that. Sort of. The joke flatlined, to which Rodman said, “I’m f—ing drunk.”

As joke after joke landed with a thud, he laughed quietly, “OK, on with the show.”

The former NBA star reminded the audience that telling jokes was new for him, saying, “Let me get through this.” And he did, with his joke about Willis being not-so-bad: “You keep making these bomb movies. But guess what? So does Kim Jong Un. But at least Kim is smart enough not to release his.”

Comedian Jeff Ross, who took the stage next, couldn’t help taking a final jab: “Give it up for our next secretary of state, Dennis Rodman!”