Dennis Rodman Broke His Penis — Three Times (Video)

Former NBA star opens up to Viceland about his history of erectile destruction

Dennis Rodman‘s junk has apparently spent a lot of time on the disabled list.

The NBA star-turned-national curiosity recently sat down — carefully, no doubt — with Viceland to detail how he has broken his penis. On three separate occasions.

You might want to cross your legs for this.

According to Rodman, 55, the first time he suffered BPS (Broken Penis Syndrome) occurred while on a cruise, when his girlfriend suggested that he “run and jump into my pussy.”

The result, according to Rodman? “Blood everywhere.”

“She’s screaming and screaming, ‘Oh my God, he’s dead,'” Rodman recalled. “I said, ‘No, honey, I just broke my dick.'”

After another instance, Rodman claimed, he ended up in the hospital — where, the former Chicago Bulls star player said, staff members wandered into his hospital room en masse to gaze upon the twisted wonder of Dennis Rodman‘s Broken Penis.

Watch Rodman describe his history of erectile destruction in the video.