Dennis Rodman Cries as He Talks About Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un: ‘It’s Amazing’ (Video)

“It’s a great day for everybody … Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody,” former NBA player says of summit between the president and the North Korea leader

Dennis Rodman was so emotionally invested in President Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting that he was brought to tears while talking about it on CNN Monday night.

“It’s amazing,” Rodman told Chris Cuomo during a video interview from Singapore while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a PotCoin T-shirt.

“It’s a great day for everybody… Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody.”

The former NBA player has previously visited North Korea after sparking a friendship with the country’s leader over basketball in 2013.

Rodman said they bonded because Kim is not used to hearing from people who are trustworthy.

“He’s used to hearing from people who are lying, deceitful. I think if Trump goes in there with a great heart, with his heart on the table, and lets Kim Jong Un see him really emotionally speaking to him.

“It ain’t gotta be about war, it ain’t gotta be about hatred, in the future or the past,” he said, before backtracking and stressing, “in the past, I’m sorry. We’ll move onto the future.”

As the CNN shot pulled out to a split screen of the interviewer and subject, Cuomo was caught with a confused expression.

“He is all about the 21st century, he’s trying to progress his country, and Donald Trump is going to do a great job — or try to — reach out and … our hands as Americans are always open,” Rodman continued, adding that North Korea has been “been so gracious to me, my family, and the United States.”

Kim and Trump came together for the historic summit on Tuesday morning, Singapore time, on an island resort. The two leaders shook hands warmly in front of a row of alternating U.S. and North Korean flags, according to the Associated Press, before having a 40-minute one-on-one meeting with the aid of interpreters.

Watch video of Rodman’s interview with CNN above.