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Why Stephen Dorff Agreed to Star on Fox’s ‘Deputy’ – Even Though He Hates Network TV

”I would never want to be on a ‘CSI’-type show,“ ”True Detective“ alum tells TheWrap

Fox describes its new David Ayer-produced cop drama as “a classic Western with a modern-day attitude and emotionally driven, visceral storytelling” that “brings a gritty authenticity” to genre. And if it weren’t for that grit, star Stephen Dorff tells TheWrap he wouldn’t have signed on to the series.

“I hate network TV and I would never want to be on a ‘CSI’-type show,” the “True Detective” alum said. “This show has got a lot more grit… If anything, I think it’s a more cable show, but it’s made for network television with the rules that we have to follow. But we’re pushing it and they’re letting us push it.”

(Here’s where we quickly point out Dorff did appear on Fox’s “Star,” a network drama. But obviously that Lee Daniels show wasn’t the kind of police procedural he’s dissing here.)

“Deputy,” which premieres Thursday, follows Bill Hollister (Dorff), a deputy in the City of Angels and fifth-generation lawman who becomes sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department — one of the largest police forces in the world — when the elected sheriff dies suddenly.

Bill gets the job, one he never wanted, due to arcane rule in the county charter that dates back to the days of the Wild West. And now he’s gotta figure out how to manage it, while still playing by his own rules.

“He’s kinda always been a guy that wants to put bad guys away and wants to be in the action, but now he’s in a situation where he has to do a lot more,” Dorff told us. “He’s responsible for over 12,000 deputies and over 10 million people in one of the biggest counties in America. It’s kind of an eye-opener when somebody gives you that kind of job when he used to just be a deputy. And that’s all cool stuff to play, that’s what I liked about the character.”

Along with Dorff, the drama stars Brian Van Holt, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Shane Paul McGhie and Yara Martinez.

“Deputy” premieres tonight, Thursday, at 9/8c on Fox.

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