Derek Jeter Gets Sendoff From New Yorkers and Gatorade in Touching Tribute (Video)

With a slim chance of making the playoffs, Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium will be on Sept. 25

Derek Jeter loves New York, and New Yorkers love him right back in a new commercial for Gatorade.

The 90-second ad (above) features the Yankee shortstop strolling through the city ahead of his final days on the field, while locals rush at the opportunity to meet him.

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Jeter announced his retirement from Major League Baseball in February, and has 11 games left of the regular season, with a slim chance of making one last appearance in the playoffs.

Providing the team miraculously beats the Kansas City Royals in the race for the second American League Wild Card spot, Jeter’s final home game at Yankee Stadium will be on Sept. 25 against the Baltimore Orioles.

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