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We Asked Donald Glover’s Old Comedy Team, Derrick, Who Was Funniest – Turns Out Stephen Glover Is

Internet sketch group alums tell TheWrap whose shadow the ”Atlanta“ star always stood in

Fans of Derrick Comedy are well aware it’s where Donald Glover got his start. But while the Emmy winner may be the best-known alum from the internet sketch comedy group formed in 2006, it turns out he wouldn’t consider himself the funniest one.

In fact, former Derrick actors Dominic Dierkes and DC Pierson, their director Dan Eckman and the crew’s producer Meggie McFadden tell TheWrap that Glover used to insist he was living in the shadow of someone who wasn’t even a member of Derrick Comedy: his little brother, Stephen.

“Donald was very clear that he felt he was doing like a pale impression of Stephen,” Eckman said, laughing. “Maybe he was being overly dramatic? But he felt that Stephen was the more talented one.”

And now the Derrick gang (who is also responsible for the 2009 flick “Mystery Team”) has finally gotten the chance to see what Glover was talking about all those years ago, thanks to his Golden Globe-winning series “Atlanta.”

The Glover brothers collaborate closely on the hit FX dramedy, which Donald created, stars in, directs, writes and executive produces with Stephen acting as a writer and head story editor.

“Something that is cool to me about ‘Atlanta’ and the success of the show has been like, Donald always said that his brother Stephen was funnier than him,” Pierson said. “And at the time, it was like ‘Oh, it’s just this kid back home.’ So it’s been cool to see Stephen kind of develop through the show. And then outward it’s like, I met him, I thought he was cool and funny, and I really, really liked him. But it’s cool to see now that thing that Donald said. Stephen has clearly become his own thing entirely and I think that’s something that is super cool and reminds me of when he used to say, ‘Stephen is funnier than me.'”

Well, go rewatch the season 1 episodes “B.A.N.” — which Donald received a 2017 Emmy nomination for writing — and “Streets on Lock” — for which Stephen got a nod that same year — and you be the judge.

“Atlanta” Season 2 — err, “Atlanta Robbin’ Season” — premieres Thursday, March 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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