You Can Play Soccer On the Farm in ‘Destiny 2’ Between Shootouts

Blow off some steam between gunfights with extra-terrestrial creatures with a futbol match against random other people in “Destiny 2”

destiny 2 farm soccer

(Note: This post contains spoilers for the aftermath of the story campaign in “Destiny 2.”)

Players are finally diving into “Destiny 2,” the long-awaited sequel to the video game in which players band together to blast aliens in a sci-fi/fantasy future. The new game is full of changes and adjustments from its predecessor, as well as some interesting secrets — like the weird little soccer field in the game’s new social space, the farm.

The farm is the new social space in “Destiny 2,” where you can congregate with other players between missions. It’s a replacement for the Tower, the old social space from the original “Destiny,” which gets destroyed in the opening moments of the new game. The farm’s a pretty cool replacement, though, with a rustic, back-to-nature feel, and chickens.

But the best part of the new space is definitely the small soccer field located at the far end from where you start when you arrive there. The Tower used to include fun little things where players could mess around, but it had nothing as involved as the soccer field. Players can even improv a quick futbol game, complete with automatic scorekeeping.

The soccer field includes two goals and a ball that appears in the middle. Anybody can wander up and start a pickup game by just walking their character into the ball, and if you manage to kick a goal, you’re rewarded with fireworks springing up to let you know how great you are. The first to score three goals wins, and then the field resets for the next group who might happen by.

Score the last goal, and you get a brief but fun reward. Your character is infused with a red glow for a few seconds and can jump super high. While farm soccer doesn’t affect the rest of “Destiny 2” in any real way, it’s a fun way to waste a few minutes while you wait for your teammates to show up to go zap some extra-terrestrials.

And while the Tower gets rebuilt at the end of the “Destiny 2” story campaign, you can still return to the farm to play soccer. Just fire up the Director and pick Earth — the button to head to the Farm is located in the top right corner.