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Desus and Mero Team Up With Yo-Yo Ma to Cover DMX and It’s Awesome (Video)

Legendary cellist also demonstrates why he’s considered a genius several times

For their last new episode of “Desus & Mero” before they go on summer hiatus, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero took a trip to Boston to visit with legendary cellist — and 18-time Grammy winner — Yo-Yo Ma for what turned out to be a repeated examples of just why Ma is universally regarded as a genius.

The whole thing is awesome, from their initial banter with Ma, who is extremely game to joke around, and a trip to Ma’s barber where they discussed his once glorious flowing locks of hair. But the highlight, if you can call the bulk of the clip a “highlight,” comes when Desus and Mero sat down with Ma for a demonstration of his musical abilities.

It ended with Ma’s haunting tribute to cellist Pablo Casals — and a fun riff on the old “how do you get to Carnegie Hall” joke — but before that Ma somehow functioned as a cellist-DJ-Karaoke machine for Desus and Mero, playing some of their favorite songs while they sang, or rapped, or spoken-worded along.

You’re here for DMX of course and you’ll be delighted to know that the first thing Ma did on request was a cello version of the iconic keyboard melody from DMX’s “Ruff Ryders Anthem.” Along with some really fun freestyle from Desus and Mero.

Next up, Ma played the sick string melody from Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” and we’re not gonna lie, it ruled.

And then, Ma performed the string hook from Sisqo’s “Thong Song.”

Look, what we’re saying is that the whole thing ruled and it’s a bummer we’re going to have to wait a few months for more “Desus & Mero.” But you can tide yourself over by watching the whole thing, right now, at the top of the page.