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Details on Coco Tour Emerge

It’s expected to start next month in the northwest and head east. Andy Richter and the band will be along for the ride

Details of the Coco Live! revue — first reported by TheWrap a few weeks ago– are starting to leak out.

MoJoe hears that Conan O’Brien and his crew will begin their cross-country (and possibly global) comedy tour sometime in April, starting with stops in the Pacific Northwest. It then will head south and east, with visits to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago — and possibly Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Members of O’Brien’s band will hit the road with him. Andy Richter will be along for the ride, too, people familiar with the tour confirm.

Just exactly what the revue will consist of is still being worked out, but insiders suggest there’ll be a mix of comedy, music and lots of Coco schtick.

Touring giant Live Nation will be behind many of the tour dates. A website featuring information about the tour — as well as other Coco news and info — will serve as a hub for Team Conan during this period in which O’Brien is homeless (and on the road).

Don’t be shocked if O’Brien announces the news via Twitter. That’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.

O’Brien’s reps haven’t yet officially announced their plans, so there remains a 2 percent chance some last-minute monkeywrench could gunk things up and halt a tour.

But in a good sign, TicketMaster Friday briefly posted a listing for an April 30 date at Phoenix’s Dodge Theater (only to take it down a bit later). 

As for Conan’s next TV home, there’s still radio silence from Fox and O’Brien’s reps.