‘Dexter’ Season 6 Premiere: Why You Should Watch

Dexter goes back to school and explores his spiritual side, while still, of course, doing what he does best

Revenge fantasies about some aspect of your teenage years aren't so unusual, but in the "Dexter" season six premiere (Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime), we see our favorite serial killer really make the most of his high school reunion.

The season picks up a year after the events of season five, in which Dexter (Michael C. Hall) dealt with the murder of Rita, had a fling with crime victim Lumen and dispensed of the season's big baddie, twisted self-help guru Jordan Chase.

In the new season, he's hired Batista's sister to help him care for toddler son Harrison and things are mostly back to normal (obviously that's a relative term where Dexter's concerned). Then he gets an invitation to the reunion.

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Surprisingly, he's eager to reconnect with his classmates, particularly the class jock. The reunion involves some very randy former classmates, an MC Hammer dance and Dexter finding himself in the unfamiliar role of BMOC.

He also has to find a preschool for Harrison, which leads him to freak out about Harrison's spiritual needs and his own lack of any. Deb, meanwhile, sets herself up for what will be two life-changing offers in the second episode of the season.

And then there's the season six villain, villains this time around, actually. We meet them in the premiere: Edward James Olmos as Professor Gellar (yes, just like Ross on "Friends") and Colin Hanks as his protégé, Travis.

What exactly they're up to remains unclear through the third episode, but it, and they, are super creepy. Murder is involved, of a particularly gruesome nature, as are a church, kidnappings and horses, which leads to one of the series' most disturbing scenes at the end of the third episode.

Viewers who thought last season plugged along without advancing the characters much as Dexter dealt with his wife's murder should be pleased. Life is finally going on for Dexter. But not for those who cross him.