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DGA Asks Membership to Ratify Commercial Contract

The 3-year contract includes wage increases of 2% per year

The Directors Guild of America's board has approved a commercial contract and is sending it to members for final approval, the union announced Monday.

The agreement with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers runs for three years. It includes wage increases of 2 percent per year and, in its first year, an increase of 15.8 percent for 2nd 2nd assistant directors.

Under the proposal, employers will increase their contribution rate for health coverage by 17.65 percent.

It also addresses the global marketplace for commercials.

The AICP and the Guild completed their negotiations in September. They signed a memorandum of agreement this month.

On Saturday, the board voted unanimously to send the agreement out for ratification.

In a written statement, the leader of the negotiationg committee, Russ Hollander, said, "Commercials represent one of the steadiest areas of work for our members, and we are pleased that the new agreement will keep our members working, secure their healthcare benefits and allow producers the flexibility they need to keep this industry vibrant and competitive."

DGA members will receive ratification materials during over the next few days. They're due back before the end of the year.