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DGA to TV Academy: Cut!

Another day, another Hollywood guild complaining about the TV Academy’s planned Emmy changes.


Today’s outburst comes from the Directors Guild of America. My story on the complaint, first reported by J. Hibberd’s The Live Feed, is here


The slow drip-drip-drip of outrage only underscores the need for everyone involved to stop with the grandstanding and get down to the business of figuring out a compromise. More on that here


Meanwhile, Brian Lowry over at Variety nicely boils down the controversy by arguing it’s all about respect. He makes a good point, though it’s hard for me to understand why any one branch of the creative community is feeling dissed when the Academy’s plan calls for writers, actors, directors and producers to all take an equal hit. 


If all this isn’t enough Emmy madness for you, check out the Mo Ryan column blasting CBS and the Academy for trying to turn the Emmys into the People’s Choice Awards. I actually disagree with many of her points, but as always, she makes her case quite well.