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Did Hillary Clinton Use a Noise Machine to Keep Journalists From Hearing Her Fundraising Speech? (Video)

As former secretary of state took to the mic at a donor event Thursday, her team reportedly turned on a static noise device preventing journalists outside from being able to hear her

Here’s a brilliant idea: Don’t want reporters to hear what you’re telling donors with deep pockets? Just blast them with a white noise machine while you talk. Problem solved.

That’s what apparently Hillary Clinton’s campaign is accused of doing as she spoke at a fundraiser in Denver, Colorado, on Thursday. As the former secretary of state took to the mic, her team allegedly turned on a static noise device to prevent journalists outside from being able to hear her.

Only one wrinkle in that plan. It seems those sneaky reporters came prepared with a special recording device that allows you to, well, record. Who knew?

Stan Bush, a reporter for local CBS affiliate KCNC covering the event, tweeted out video of what it sounded like when Clinton was speaking (think old TV’s showing that snowy static) and what it sounded like without the machine (what you’d expect background party noise to sound like).

Let’s face it, nothing says, “trust” like a special device hauled in to a fundraiser ahead of a presidential candidate’s speech.

One has to wonder what exactly was said that needed that kind of unusual preparation.

We tried to find out but Clinton’s campaign did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first time Clinton’s team has been accused of exercising poor judgment when it comes to reporters on the campaign trail.

Clinton’s campaign came under fire last year after reporters were corralled behind a moving rope line as the former secretary of state marched in an Independence Day parade in New Hampshire.

Watch Clinton’s rope debacle here: