Did McGraw-Hill Just Break its Non-Disclosure Agreement on Apple Tablet? (Video)

CEO reveals details of device on CNBC

Last Updated: October 8, 2012 @ 12:34 PM

Terry McGraw III, the president and CEO of McGraw-Hill, the textbook publisher, appeared on CNBC to talk about his company's earnings jump. At the end of the interview, he let something slip he probably shouldnt've:

Erin Burnett: Apparently you may get textbooks on this new Apple tablet that's coming out. Done deal?

Terry McGraw III: Yeah, very exciting. Yes, they'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable. So what you are going to be able to do now is we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95% of all our materials that are in e-book format. So now with the tablet you're going to open up the higher education market, the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific.

Uh, Ter, maybe shoulda waited until tomorrow to talk about that.

Here's the video, via MacRumors/Gizmodo: