Does ‘Star Trek’ First Teaser Contain Easter Eggs?

Showrunner Bryan Fuller hints that brief video may give clues about new series and its timeline

Star Trek CBS All Access Logo

The brief “Star Trek” teaser that dropped on Wednesday may have contained more information than appeared upon a casual glance.

Bryan Fuller, who will serve as showrunner on the upcoming CBS All Access series, tweeted a link to the teaser with the words, “WARNING: MAY CONTAIN EASTER EGGS.”

Several eagle-eyed fans pointed out that two images in the teaser (see below) may represent Praxis and the Amargosa star.

In the “Star Trek” universe, Praxis was the only inhabited moon of the Klingon home world. It was destroyed in the beginning of “Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country,” which led the Klingon Empire to seek peace with the Federation in the original series’ timeline.

In “Star Trek: Generations,” which takes place in the “Next Generation” timeline, Dr. Tolian Soran destroys the Amargosa star with a trilithium weapon, wiping out the entire Amargosa system.

Based on these two images, fans have concluded that the series will take place after the events of “Undiscovered Country,” but before “Generations.” This would correspond with an earlier report from Birth Movies Death, which said the new show would take place after the original series, but before “Next Generation.”

The new “Star Trek” series does not have an official premiere date, but is currently scheduled to debut on CBS All Access in early 2017.