Did Steve Bannon Expose His Secret Whiteboard on Purpose?

Oops, or not-so-oops?

Did Steve Bannon intend all along to make his secret whiteboard public?

When Rabbi Shmuley Boteach tweeted a couple of selfies from the White House on Tuesday, he gave the world a sneak peek of Steve Bannon’s list. Behind Boteach and Bannon was a handwritten whiteboard scribbled with what appears to be Bannon’s plan for a number of policies, mostly related to immigration tax reform and healthcare, complete with check marks presumably indicating task completion.

The seemingly accidental revelation of the White House’s most inner-workings set off a mini-media frenzy, with major publications deciphering each annotation and detail.

“Steve Bannon’s secret planning whiteboard accidentally revealed,” proclaimed the British Telegraph. The New York Post went with “Bannon’s secret to-do list accidentally tweeted out by rabbi.”

But not everyone is convinced the relations were accidental.

Writing for Death and Taxes Magazine, Maggie Serota theorized that Bannon’s “creepy” whiteboard list was exposed “probably on purpose.”

“It wouldn’t be surprising if Bannon art-directed the placement of the photo himself, if only to let Trump’s army of Pepes know he hasn’t been sidelined by the White House coalition ‘cucks’ and ‘globalists’ with which he is constantly at odds,” Serota argued.

The L.A. Times noted that, “nothing mentioned on the white board reveals anything the White House hasn’t already discussed,” adding that “the biggest takeaway here is that whoever wrote these items has clear penmanship.”

While the Washington Post insisted that “it’s crucial to remember that Bannon was aware as the photo was taken that the list would end up on social media, meaning that he’s perfectly comfortable with your seeing it.”

Not to mention, this isn’t the first time White House secret info was accidentally or maybe not accidentally caught on camera. In November, a photo of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach revealed some deportation plans he shared with Trump.

The Kansas secretary of state and counsel for the Immigration Law Reform Institute was photographed at a meeting with then-President-elect Donald Trump, holding a memo about the Department of Homeland Security that he carried on the outside of a folder.

Sharp-eyed reporters at the Topeka Capital Journal read the top page of the memo and said it described plans to question “high-risk” immigrants about Sharia law and the U.S. Constitution.

Does anyone really think Bannon was unaware he was taking pictures in front of a wall filled with top secret info?

Not for nothing… but we’ve seen more subtlety on Tinder.